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Pennywise Consultants are experts at creating and challenging lifestyle and household budgets. If you want to know how much money you need to run your life and your property then this is the service for you, whether you need help with your divorce, an Inheritance Act Claim or wealth management.

Pennywise have pioneered this service and are used by most of the top tier law firms in England and Wales. We are the market leaders in our field and have an enviable reputation for being efficient, responsive, fair and realistic. Our fees are competitive and with our considerable expertise in this sector, we can help ensure your future financial security.

We understand that you may be contacting us at a time of great uncertainty when you are feeling frightened, emotional and stressed. Our team of experts are friendly and sympathetic but will swiftly and firmly navigate you through the task in hand and efficiently deliver the information you need.

You will find our budgets easy to understand and presented in a format accepted by lawyers, barristers, mediators and judges. Our reports are clear, detailed, factual and, most importantly, independent. They have been successfully used in court hearings on numerous occasions and have frequently resulted in quicker settlements out of court, which in turn reduces legal costs.

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What our clients say

Pennywise carried out a detailed analysis of historic expenditure for my client, who had been kept in the dark regarding the family finances. This provided a solid, objective foundation for her budget and ultimately resulted in a favourable indication at the FDR hearing. The analysis also gave my client confidence that her settlement would provide her and the children with a secure financial future. Pennywise were efficient and professional throughout the process and I would highly recommend them.

Lauren Evans, Senior Associate and Family Mediator, Kingsley Napley LLP

The service offered by Pennywise is first class. They help clients navigate the complex and burdensome task of setting out what income they will need now and in the future following a separation. This is often a fundamental aspect of a case. The work they do provides solicitors and barristers with the confidence that the arguments they advance inside or outside of the court arena are based on objective data. This has certainly been crucial in helping us maximise financial settlements. Pennywise are professionalism personified and will go to great lengths to ensure that the lay client is supported throughout the process. The service is cost effective and is an absolute ‘must’, particularly where it is a feature of the case that one party will require some form of financial support from their estranged spouse. Equally impressive is the ability of Pennywise to fulfil tailored instructions. This has helped us to challenge income budgets which are exaggerated and unrealistic. There simply is no other business that provides this type of service and I cannot recommend Pennywise highly enough.

Mark Hands, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Pennywise is an essential resource for family law practitioners. They have assisted me with analysing expenditure going back several years and presented their findings in a clear, concise and easy to digest format which is essential for clients, lawyers and Judges. Generally this kind of work is delegated to junior lawyers or paralegals who are generally less qualified and more expensive. Pennywise therefore not only add significant value and expertise to a case, but they also offer considerable value for money. I am not aware of any other firm that is offering this kind of service and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thomas Pavey, Associate Solicitor, Vaitilingam Kay

It has been really helpful to have had your help - and particularly to have given peace of mind that nothing had been forgotten that might be regretted retrospectively.

Mrs P, Buckinghamshire

I highly recommend Pennywise Consultants to my clients. I have utilised this extremely useful service since 2011 and trust the whole team implicitly to treat our clients with empathy, respect and a firm guiding hand. If it were up to me, I would use Pennywise Consultants for every divorce case I work on.

Family Law Partner, London

I wish I had found you six months ago! I was struggling to find all the information required for my Interim Maintenance Budget and Form E and at the 11th hour realised I couldn’t do it before the deadline. The work you did for me was crucial. The judge took one look at your analysis and dismissed my husband's objections. I'm thrilled. Thank you a zillion times.

Mrs L, London

I needed an impartial party to carry out an analysis of our combined household expenditure and provide an estimate of future household running costs for my wife. I also needed someone to complete my Form E as I didn’t have time to do it myself. Our solicitors were impressed and we reached a fair financial settlement for both of us, whilst reducing our legal costs at the same time.

Practice owner, Gloucestershire

Pennywise saved the day! I was completely overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork and couldn't have sorted it without you. I was really impressed by how much thought and research you put in, making sure that every detail was right. My trust in you was completely justified and I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you.

Mrs M, Cheltenham

Pennywise Consultants prepared a Schedule of Estimated Annual and Monthly Costs and a Future Budget Estimate for me ahead of my Financial Dispute Resolution hearing. The work required was considerable - there was no way I could have done it myself, and certainly not within the expected frame - but Alison and her team produced incredibly detailed spreadsheets in just over a week. I should point out how anxious I had been for some time about examining my existing and future financials. However, everyone at Pennywise was so considerate and helpful, I came out of the process feeling quite empowered and hopeful for the future. Best wishes, Anne

Anne, London