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Budget Challenge

David and Deborah had a traditional marriage and enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle. Deborah was a stay at home mother and enjoyed shopping and meeting her friends for lunch. David’s salary was £10,000 gross per month. Deborah submitted an Income Needs Schedule for £11,000 per month. They had sold their house and David was having to subsidise Deborah’s spending with capital, including a £40,000 holiday. David’s lawyers were concerned about the erosion of capital and wanted to bring Deborah to her senses by laying out the reality of her excessive spending.

David’s lawyers asked Pennywise to analyse their past spending over the four years prior to separation and one year post separation. They particularly wanted us to focus on Deborah’s very extravagant holiday spending and asked us to separate out the holiday to the USA costing £40,000.

When Deborah saw the budget in black and white the full extent of her spending, and the family finances as a whole, she acknowledged that her spending was unsustainable and the case was settled at the FDR hearing. This avoided a very costly Final Hearing.


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