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Economic Abuse

Married 18 years

Christopher and Claire had been married for 18 years and had four children. Initially Claire had enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and the freedom to shop as she pleased. Over the years Christopher became excessively controlling and forced Claire to account for every penny she spent. He gave her a small amount of cash each week to spend on the children but nothing for herself. She could only buy face cream if she could hide it in the weekly supermarket shop and she never bought new clothes.

Clare’s solicitor sent her to us to create a future budget based on a property she hoped to buy. We were able to calculate all the running costs of the house for her with a combination of research and our own data. As there was no precedent for her personal spending we talked Claire through our checklist and put together a realistic and credible budget. We researched clothing, entertainment, holidays and beauty, basing these projected costs on her former lifestyle.

During this process we watched Claire grow in confidence and feel more empowered. She is now divorced with a realistic and fair settlement. She is also working and enjoying spending her money as she wishes.


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