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Interim Maintenance

Maintenance Pending Suit

Andrew and Andrea’s divorce was taking a long time to settle, and Andrew had refused to provide Andrea with enough money to meet her day-to-day costs. Andrea’s lawyers decided to apply for interim maintenance (Maintenance Pending Suit). Andrew disputed the amount Andrea was asking for, so Andrea’s lawyers decided to engage Pennywise Consultants to accurately assess her reasonable needs.

Pennywise requested 12 months’ worth of bank and credit card statements which they thoroughly analysed, allocating every transaction to a category. This exercise showed conclusively everything that Andrea and Andrew had spent over the previous 12 months. The figures were presented in court and the Judge accepted Pennywise’s analysis as accurate and impartial and ruled in Andrea’s favour. Andrew’s objections were dismissed.

In an interesting turn of events, Andrew’s lawyers subsequently approached Pennywise to help them on other cases.


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