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Joint Instruction

Married for 20 years

Fergus and Frances had been married for 20 years and had two children under 18. Fergus owned a busy veterinary practice, whilst Frances was a full-time mother. They jointly owned four UK properties and were seeking an amicable divorce.

Fergus wanted to know what the family expenditure was as a whole, so he asked Pennywise to conduct an analysis of all their joint bank and credit card statements for the past 12 months, separating out their spending into his, hers and the children. Once the analysis was completed, Fergus then asked Pennywise to create an Income Needs Schedule for Frances.

Independent analysis of the family expenditure, and the creation of Frances’ future budget by an impartial party, helped keep relations between Fergus and Frances cordial and the couple achieve a fair financial settlement out of court.


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