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Relocation from Abroad

Middle East

Edward worked in the oil industry and he and Emma had lived abroad in the Middle East for 25 years. When Edward and Emma separated, Emma decided that she wanted to move back to the UK. When her lawyers asked her to create a future budget estimate she had absolutely no idea where to start, as she simply did not know the cost of anything in the UK. They suggested she approach Pennywise Consultants.

Pennywise asked Emma to find a property she could envisage living in on Rightmove. We also asked her to go through our Personal Checklist and annotate each item with her preferred supplier or brand and quantity or frequency of replacement. We could research the costs for her.

Pennywise Consultants created a realistic and comprehensive budget which included all the household running costs as well as every personal and lifestyle cost Emma was likely to incur. The case settled much more quickly than anticipated saving Emma additional costs and anxiety. The added benefit for Emma was that she gained a good knowledge and understanding of the cost of living in the UK and felt confident that she would have enough money to live on.


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