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Schedule 1 Claim

Affair with footballer

Gabrielle had had an affair with a prominent footballer, Mr G, and given birth to their child. She was told by her lawyer that she would need to prepare an Income Needs Schedule, covering her anticipated costs for a new house and car, as well as lifestyle and personal costs for herself and the child. Until now Gabrielle had led a modest lifestyle and needed help, particularly with the committed costs for running a substantial property.

Pennywise Consultants asked Gabrielle to provide property particulars for a house she envisaged living in. We also asked her to complete one of our checklists in order to identify as many of her anticipated costs as possible. We researched everything for her from likely security costs to all the child’s future needs for the next three years when a further assessment would be made.

Our budget helped our client secure maintenance of £11,000 per month.


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